Musical practices in the 20th century pose new and complex problems in the study of the fundamental principles of pitch organization. The analysis of basic harmonic categories, one of which is chromaticism, acquires particular importance as a means of restoring time, which has gone out of joint and identifying the logical principles in the historical process of musical development. Vladimir Barsky, in his thoroughly researched and clearly written guide, traces the progress of the concept of chromaticism throughout Western musical history, and recreates an integrated logical and historical perspective in order to make a specific study of this key subject. He identifies the dynamics of the changing historical theories of chromaticism and relates these to musical practices, applying them to the analysis of current pitch systems. This book will be an invaluable tool for readers whose aim is to come nearer to comprehending the idioms of 20th century music.

chapter 1|34 pages

Evolution of the Concept of Chromaticism

chapter 3|85 pages

Historical Types of Chromaticism

chapter 4|59 pages

Chromatic Systems in 20th-Century Music

chapter |4 pages