In his new introduction to this classic text on political economy, Galbraith reasserts the validity of the core thesis of American Capitalism: The best and established answer to economic power is the building of countervailing power. The trade union remains an equalizing force in the labor markets, and the chain store is the best answer to the market power of big food companies. This work remains an essential guidepost of American mores as well as that as of the American economy.

chapter I|9 pages

The Insecurity of Illusion

chapter II|14 pages

The Foundations of the Faith

chapter III|8 pages

The Problem of Power

chapter IV|18 pages

The Abandonment of the Model

chapter V|13 pages

The Ogre of Economic Power

chapter VI|21 pages

The Depression Psychosis

chapter VII|23 pages

The Economics of Technical Development

chapter VIII|13 pages

The Unseemly Economics of Opulence

chapter IX|27 pages

The Theory of Countervailing Power

chapter X|19 pages

Countervailing Power and the State

chapter XI|12 pages

The Case of Agriculture

chapter XII|11 pages

The Role of Decentralized Decision

chapter XIII|10 pages

The Role of Centralized Decision

chapter XIV|15 pages

The Problem of Restraint