The Italian violinist and composer Giovanni Battista Viotti (1755-1824) is considered today to have been one of the most significant forces in the history of violin playing. In 1792 he met Margaret and William Chinnery, a wealthy English couple with strong connections in the world of arts and letters. From that point onwards Viotti's life became inextricably bound up with theirs; he moved into their home and became a second father to their children, forming a remarkably successful m gerois. Henceforth, all Viotti's career decisions were taken with this family's welfare in mind. The Chinnery Family Papers feature over 100 Viotti letters and other documents. Drawing extensively on these papers, this book investigates the new light that they cast on Viotti's life and career, as well as the context in which he lived and worked. Fresh insights are given into the reception of Viotti's concertos in London and the solo performances he gave while in England, together with new information on his role as a music teacher in the Chinnery household, and his relationship with Mme de Sta and the Philharmonic Society.

chapter |11 pages


chapter 1|5 pages

Before Paris

chapter 2|20 pages

Paris, 1782–1792

chapter 3|6 pages

London, 1793

chapter 4|18 pages

Letters from the Continent, 1793

chapter 5|7 pages

The Hanover Square concerts, 1794

chapter 6|12 pages

Letters from Bath, 1794

chapter 9|13 pages

Paris, 1802

chapter 10|17 pages

Music at Gillwell, 1801–1807

chapter 12|11 pages

At Charles Street, 1812–1814

chapter 13|8 pages

Paris, 1814

chapter 14|15 pages

The Philharmonic Society, 1813–1814

chapter 16|15 pages

Paris, 1819–1820

chapter 17|17 pages

Paris, 1821

chapter 18|13 pages

Viotti’s final years, 1822-1824

chapter 19|9 pages

After Viotti’s death