It might reasonably be asked what the connection is between Francoises malapropisms in Proust and the erudite allusions of Stephens interior monologue in Joyce. Tribout-Joseph argues that they are indeed interrelated. Proust and Joyce are exemplary of Modernisms reconciliation of high literature with popular voices. Both writers explore the process of incorporation, the interface between speech and narrative. Fragments of discourse are taken from diverse sources and reoriented within new contexts. Proposed here are interconnected close readings of socio-political debate, body talk, listening processes, silences, intertextual echoes, cliche, register, conflated voices, chatter, gossip, eavesdropping, internalized debate, and misunderstandings which allow for a new configuration of the authors to emerge.

chapter |21 pages


part One|94 pages

Internalized Dialogue

part Two|58 pages

Social Discourse

chapter 5|19 pages

Scrapbook Collage Montage Bricolage

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