Personality and performance are intricately linked, and personality has proven to have a direct influence on an individual's leadership ability and style, team performance, and overall organizational effectiveness. In Personality and the Fate of Organizations, author Robert Hogan offers a systematic account of the nature of personality, showing how to use personality to understand organizations and to understand, evaluate, select, deselect, and train people.
This book brings insights from a leading industrial organizational psychologist who asserts that personality is real, and that it determines the careers of individuals and the fate of organizations. The author’s goal is to increase the reader’s ability to understand other people—how they are alike, how they are different, and why they do what they do. Armed with this understanding, readers will be able to pursue their personal, social, and organizational goals more efficiently.
A practical reference, this text is extremely useful for MBA students and for all those studying organizational psychology and leadership.

chapter 2|15 pages

The Personality Wars

A Brief History of Modern Personality Psychology

chapter 3|21 pages

Who Shall Rule? Leadership and Personality

chapter 4|28 pages

Lives in Public

Personality and Team Perlormance

chapter 5|21 pages

The Secret Life of Organizations

Personality and Organizational Theory

chapter 6|33 pages

The Psychology of Managerial Incompetence

chapter 7|18 pages

How to Fix Incompetence