First published in 1929, this book is a beginner's guide to the practice of teaching. The preparation and giving of lessons, the function of class teaching, sectionizing and individual work, the art of happy relations between class and teacher, the foundations of school tone, and the tests of a good curriculum are discussed and illustrated from school and training college experience. Use is made of the reader's memories of school-days, and the exercises, an integral part of the book, provide a critical reading. A study of the text as a basis for discussion makes an excellent preparation for teaching.

part I|44 pages

The Making and Giving of Lessons

chapter I|16 pages

Types of Lesson

chapter II|7 pages

Notes of Lessons

chapter III|8 pages

The Art of Giving a Lesson

chapter IV|13 pages

Some Teaching Devices

part II|44 pages

Problems of the Class-Room

chapter V|13 pages

Personal Relations in the Class-Room

chapter VI|9 pages

Conditions Necessary for Good Work

chapter VII|22 pages

The Organization of Work

part III|91 pages

Problems of the School

chapter VIII|13 pages

The Relation of the School to the Community

chapter IX|23 pages

The Curriculum

chapter X|13 pages

Organization of Work

chapter XI|12 pages

Notes on the State Schools’ Functions

chapter XII|30 pages

Some Problems of the Modern Secondary School