Essentials of Elementary Social Studies is a teacher-friendly text that provides comprehensive treatment of classroom planning, instruction, and strategies. Praised for its dynamic approaches and a writing style that is conversational, personal, and professional, this text enables and encourages teachers to effectively teach elementary social studies using creative and active learning strategies.

This fifth edition has been significantly refined with new and relevant topics and strategies needed for effectively teaching elementary social studies. New features include:

• In keeping with the book’s emphasis on planning and teaching, an updated chapter on lesson plans. This chapter is designed to provide elementary teachers

with new classroom-tested lesson plans and includes two classroom-tested lessons for each grade level (K–6).

• An expanded chapter on planning. This provides additional discussion about long-range planning and includes examples of lesson plans with details to help students be better prepared.

• An updated chapter on technology designed to better prepare elementary teachers to effectively incorporate technology into social studies instruction. Attention is given to digital history, media literacy, teaching with film and music, popular apps and numerous other types of impactful technology.

• An expanded discussion of the Common Core Standards and C3 Framework and

how it affects teachers.

• An updated chapter titled "Experiencing Social Studies." This chapter focuses on

topics such as teaching with drama, role play, field trips, and service learning.

• A new eResource containing links to helpful websites and suggestions for further reading.

chapter 1|11 pages

Contemporary Elementary Social Studies

chapter 2|20 pages

Social Studies Curriculum

chapter 4|32 pages

Planning Social Studies Instruction

chapter 5|18 pages

Assessment and Evaluation

chapter 6|28 pages

Reading and Writing in Social Studies

chapter 7|10 pages

Social Studies and Diverse Learners

chapter 9|14 pages

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

chapter 10|33 pages

Experiencing Social Studies

chapter 11|19 pages

Technology and Media in Social Studies

chapter 12|46 pages

Lesson Plans for Elementary Social Studies