Originally published in 1982. This biography of Charles Haddon Spurgeon attempts to place the man within the framework of his time. The emphasis is upon Spurgeon as a representative Victorian, who succeeded because his values were those of the dominant middle class. This study also seeks to illuminate the motives which drove him, time after time, to seek the spotlight of controversy. C. H. Spurgeon remains highly influential among Christians of various denominations to this day.

chapter |7 pages


chapter I|59 pages

The Education of a Preacher

chapter II|80 pages

The Preaching Sensation of London

chapter III|49 pages

The Pastor of the Tabernacle

chapter IV|21 pages

Evangelist to the World

chapter V|28 pages

Ritualism and Regeneration

chapter VI|80 pages

A Political Dissenter

chapter VII|42 pages

Defender of the Faith

chapter VIII|41 pages

The Downgrade Controversy

chapter IX|23 pages

Last Years

chapter |13 pages