Originally published in 1979. While the theory of non-renewable resources under competitive and monopolistic market regimes have been relatively well developed, almost no attention has been given to the development of a theoretical framework for analysis of the spectrum of mixed market structure between those extremes. The world oil market structure is an example of such an intermediate market structure. The purpose of this title is to develop such a theoretical framework. The study examines non-renewable resource markets in which a profit maximizing producer cartel co-exists with a non-cartel supply sector, which is alternately modelled as consisting of a collection of competitive firms or as exhibiting other exogenously assumed supply behaviours. This title will be of interest to students of environmental economics.

chapter 1|48 pages

Introduction and Overview

chapter 3|54 pages

Dynamic Demand In A One-Sided Cartel Model

chapter 4|36 pages

Two-Sided Cartel Models

chapter 6|154 pages

Two-Sided Cartel Models - Inelastic Demand, Alternate Resource Representations

(Models B.2, B.21, B.22 and B.23)

chapter 7|22 pages

Summary of Results