The classification and distribution of the languages of the Northern Bantu Borderland between the Great Lakes and the Indian Ocean have been given in Volume 1 of The Linguistic Survey of the Northern Bantu Borderland, where however, the linguistic evidence on which the classification rested was not included. This is now set out in this volume, originally published in 1957. The languages have been divided into three categories: Bantu, partly Bantu and non-Bantu. within each category the languages have been grouped according to linguistic criteria. The choice of languages represented here has been determined by the availability of reliable linguistic material.

chapter |3 pages


part Bantu Languages|58 pages

chapter 1|3 pages

Characteristics of Vanuma

(N.B.B.S., p. 127)

chapter 2|4 pages

Characteristics of Konzo

(N.B.B.S., pp. 127-8)

chapter 3|4 pages

Characteristics of the Inter-Lacustrine Group

(N.B.B.S., pp. 128-9)

chapter 4|4 pages

Characteristics of the GISU Group

(N.B.B.S., p. 129)

chapter 5|4 pages

Characteristics of the Luhya Group

(N.B.B.S., pp. 130-1)

chapter 6|4 pages

Characteristics of the GUS GROUP

(N.B.B.S., p. 131)

chapter 7|2 pages

Characteristics of Sukuma

(N.B.B.S., p. 132)

chapter 8|5 pages

Characteristics of the Nyamba Group

(N.B.B.S., p. 132)

chapter 9|4 pages

Characteristics of the GOGO Group

(N.B.B.S., pp. 132-3)

chapter 10|4 pages

Characteristics of Zigula and Ngulu

(N.B.B.S., p. 133)

chapter 11|4 pages

Characteristics of Shambaa

(N.B.B.S., p. 133)

chapter 12|3 pages

Characteristics of Shaka (Chagga)

(N.B.B.S., p. 133–1)

chapter 13|4 pages

Characteristics of the ikuyu (Kikuyu) Group

(N.B.B.S., pp. 134.-5)

chapter 14|4 pages

The Swahili Group

chapter 15|5 pages

The Taita Group

part |7 pages

Partly Bantu Languages

chapter A|3 pages

Characteristics of Amba (and Hyanz)

chapter B|3 pages

Characteristics cf Mbugu

(N.B.B.S., p. 138)

part Non-Bantu Languages|15 pages

chapter A|2 pages

Moru-Mangbetu Vocabularies


chapter B|2 pages

Nilotic Vocabularies ALUR, ACOLI, LANGO, ADHOLA, LUO

(N.B.B.S., p. 139)

chapter C|5 pages

Nilo-Hamitic Vocabularies

(N.B.B.S., pp. 140–1)

chapter D|2 pages

Cushitic Vocabularies Oromo (Galla) and Somali

(N.B.B.S., p. 142)

chapter E|2 pages

Iraqw Vocabulary

(N.B.B.S., p. 143)

chapter F|1 pages

and G. Sandawe and Hadza Vocabularies

(N.B.B.S., pp. 142-3)

chapter H|1 pages

Sanye Vocabulary

(N.B.B.S., p. 143)