Now in its third edition, Cases in Public Relations Management uses recent cases in strategic communication designed to encourage discussion, debate, and exploration of the options available to today's strategic public relations manager, with the help of extensive supplemental materials.

Key features of this text include coverage of the latest controversies in current events, discussion of the ethical issues that have made headlines in recent years, and strategies used by public relations practitioners. The problem-based case study approach encourages readers to assess what they know about communication theory, the public relations process, and management practices.

New to the third edition:

  • Eighteen new cases including Snap, Wells Fargo, SeaWorld, United Airlines, and Starbucks.
  • Additional emphasis on social media and social responsibility for communication management today.
  • End-of-chapter activities that reinforce concepts.

Developed for advanced students in strategic communication and public relations, this book prepares them for their future careers as communication and public relations professionals.

The new edition features a fully enhanced companion website that includes resources for both instructors and students. Instructors will find PowerPoint Lecture Slides, Case Supplements, Instructor Guides, and Answer Keys for Quizzes and End-of-Chapter Activities. Students will benefit from Quizzes, a Glossary, and Case Supplements.

chapter Chapter 1|17 pages

A Brief Introduction to Public Relations

chapter Chapter 2|30 pages

Ethics and the Law

section 1|3 pages

What Would You Do?

section 2|10 pages

Chocolate Milk Study’s News Release Brings Unwanted Attention

section 3|10 pages

Disclosure Is Always in Style

section 4|4 pages

Product Packaging for e-Liquids

chapter Chapter 3|55 pages

Corporate Social Responsibility

section 5|23 pages

Food for Thought

section 6|16 pages

Apple iProblem

section 7|12 pages

Developing Wines With a Conscience

chapter Chapter 4|65 pages

Media Relations

section 8|9 pages

#ChevyGuy Knows His #TechnologyAndStuff

section 9|13 pages

When Every Drop Counts

section 10|14 pages

Face Value

section 11|10 pages

Domino’s Pizza

section 12|10 pages

The Largest State-Owned Utility Publicizes Going Digital

chapter Chapter 5|89 pages

Conflict Management

section 13|15 pages

Flying the Unfriendly Skies

section 14|23 pages

“Lean Finely Textured Beef” or “Pink Slime”?

section 15|18 pages

The Politics of Pink

section 16|26 pages

Deepwater Horizon Blowout

chapter Chapter 6|73 pages


section 17|16 pages

Part 1

section 18|18 pages

Part 2

section 19|16 pages

“Beyond Disgusting”

section 20|8 pages

Guitar Hero Strikes a Chord

section 21|10 pages

Break the Silence. Make the Call

chapter Chapter 7|48 pages

Consumer Relations

section 22|20 pages


section 23|8 pages

Keep Calm and Carry On, With or Without Chicken

section 24|17 pages

Making the Potato Top of Mind

chapter Chapter 8|73 pages

Entertainment and Leisure

section 25|20 pages


section 26|21 pages

Penn State Fumbles

section 27|12 pages

The Five Seasons of Salem

section 28|15 pages

Sony PlayStation

chapter Chapter 9|38 pages

Community Relations

section 29|9 pages

Take ’Em Down NOLA! Civic Activism and Political Leadership Confront the Lost Cause

section 30|16 pages

I’m Watching You …

section 31|10 pages

“It’s the Real Thing”

chapter Chapter 10|30 pages

Cultural and Other Considerations

section 32|11 pages

Finding Authentic Moments; Avoiding #EpicFails

section 33|9 pages

Containing the Deadly Marburg Virus

section 34|7 pages

Shark Fin Soup

chapter Chapter 11|59 pages

Financial Communications and Investor Relations

section 35|17 pages

Initial Public Offering—It’s a Snap!

section 36|17 pages

Part 1: Wells Fargo

section 37|15 pages

Part 2: Wells Fargo

section 38|4 pages

Paychex, Inc., Sees Big Payoff in First Investor Relations Day