Snapshots of Great Leadership describes leaders who have either accomplished amazing feats or brought destruction. Although the goals of these individuals were often quite different, the leadership processes they used were frequently similar. The opening chapter explains the latest theories of leadership. Each leader snapshot adds an important "reality check" to the theories and models described in most introductory leadership textbooks, making this a key text for students taking leadership courses. This new edition features additional women and international leaders, a new "You Decide" section, and a Conclusion that clarifies the differences between good and bad leaders.

part Part I|39 pages

Theoretical Basis of Leadership

chapter 1|37 pages

Theories of Leadership

part Part II|182 pages

Snapshots of Great Leadership

chapter 2|7 pages

Harriet Tubman

Anti-Slavery Patriot, Soldier and Activist

chapter 3|5 pages

Jeff Bezos

Internet Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Amazon

chapter 4|7 pages

Bill Wilson

Cofounder and Leader of Alcoholics Anonymous

chapter 5|7 pages

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Creator and CEO

chapter 6|6 pages

Elizabeth Peratrovich

Alaska Native Civil Rights Leader

chapter 7|7 pages

César Chávez

American Labor Leader

chapter 8|7 pages

Winston Churchill

British Prime Minister, Wartime Leader and Statesman

chapter 9|5 pages

Blake Mycoskie

Social Entrepreneur

chapter 10|7 pages

Amancio Ortega

Fast Fashion Entrepreneur

chapter 11|5 pages

Angela Merkel

Chancellor of Germany

chapter 12|7 pages

Martin Luther King, Jr.

American Civil Rights Leader

chapter 13|7 pages

Howard Schultz

Starbucks Entrepreneur and CEO

chapter 14|7 pages

Sitting Bull

Sioux War Chief

chapter 15|4 pages

Anita Roddick

Founder and CEO of The Body Shop

chapter 16|7 pages

Mohandas Gandhi

Indian Political and Spiritual Leader

chapter 17|5 pages

Mother Teresa

Servant to the Poor

chapter 18|4 pages

Pat Summitt

Women’s Basketball Coach

chapter 19|5 pages

Steve Jobs

CEO and Cofounder of Apple, Inc.

chapter 20|6 pages

Konosuke Matsushita

Japanese Industrial Leader

chapter 21|5 pages

Indra Nooyi

CEO of PepsiCo

chapter 22|4 pages

Mary Kay Ash

Founder and CEO of Mary Kay Cosmetics

chapter 23|6 pages

Ernest Shackleton

Antarctic Explorer

chapter 24|7 pages

Abraham Lincoln

16th President of the United States

chapter 25|6 pages

Leymah Gbowee

Liberian Leader of Women in Peacebuilding Network

chapter 26|8 pages

Nelson Mandela

Human Rights Leader and President of South Africa

chapter 27|5 pages


Apache Native American War Leader

chapter 28|5 pages

Vince Lombardi

Professional Football Coach

chapter 29|6 pages

Napoleon Bonaparte

French Military and Political Leader

chapter 30|6 pages

Nicolas Hayek

Swiss Watch Executive

chapter 31|7 pages

Horatio Nelson

Vice Admiral of the British Royal Navy

part Part III|46 pages

Snapshots of Bad Leadership

chapter 32|7 pages

Bernie Ebbers

Corporate Executive

chapter 33|5 pages

Sepp Blatter

Past President of FIFA

chapter 34|11 pages

Adolf Hitler

Chancellor of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945

chapter 35|7 pages

Idi Amin

President of Uganda from 1971 to 1979

chapter 36|7 pages

Albert Dunlap

Corporate Executive

chapter 37|7 pages

David Koresh

Religious Cult Leader

part Part IV|14 pages

Snapshots of Great or Bad Leadership— You Decide

chapter 38|5 pages

Aung San Suu Kyi

Leader of Myanmar Democracy Movement

chapter 39|7 pages

Travis Kalanick

Cofounder and Former CEO of Uber