Nationalization disputes in natural resources development are among the most disputed issues of international investment law. This book offers a fresh insight into the nature of nationalization disputes in natural resources development and the rules of international investment law governing them by systematically analyzing (1) the content of investment contracts in natural resources development, and (2) the results of nationalization disputes in natural resources development from the perspective of dynamic bargaining theory.

Based on the comprehensive and systematic empirical analyses, the book sheds new light on contractual renegotiation and renewal as a hardly known but practically normal solution of nationalization disputes and presents a set of soft law rules governing contractual renegotiation and renewal.

chapter 1|23 pages


Defining the problems and the need for a new analytical framework

chapter 3|23 pages

Governing law of agreements

chapter 4|50 pages

Governing law for nationalization

chapter 5|39 pages

Governing law for revising agreements

chapter 6|18 pages

Legal process of natural resource nationalization disputes

Concluding remarks