Dynamic Competitive Strategy by best –selling author Dr Tony Grundy casts a radically new light on Competitive Strategy by showing you the dynamic dimension of existing strategy tools and new ones created to deal with rapid innovation and turbulent change.

He shows us refreshing and challenging ways of developing strategy, including:

  • Agile approaches to Strategy and Planning
  • The art of the Cunning Plan –with 101 ways of being innovative
  • The alien approach: how might an alien see your industry and business?
  • A whole new set of dynamic strategy tools
  • Scenario storytelling and the art of mental time travel
  • How emotional value can leverage competitive advantag

  • Dynamic stakeholder analysis and influencing

He also includes case studies of Arsenal, Brexit, Dyson, Metrobank, Tesco, the

infamous honey badger and others from everyday life.

This book provides an overall theory and a wealth of practical guidance

based on 30 years of Strategy Consulting and Management Research and

Teaching that will transform your thinking about strategy. Tony truly "turns

strategy upside down," as he does on the cover.




chapter 1|25 pages

Introduction: what is this book all about?

chapter 4|24 pages

The Cunning Checklists

chapter 6|17 pages

The art of alien thinking

chapter 7|28 pages

From projections to scenario story telling

chapter 9|28 pages

Case study: Dyson appliances

chapter 10|20 pages

Dynamic stakeholder analysis