The history of Baghdad as a metropolis coincides with the history of the rise and fall of the Abbasid Caliphs. In this volume, first published in 1900 and written by a recognized authority in the field, the history of the city and of the Abbasid dynasty are closely interwoven so that, from a scholarly blending of contemporary records and discursive narrative, an accurate picture emerges of the state and society within the capital of the Muslim world during the period from the eighth to the thirteenth centuries.


Chronological Table

chapter I|14 pages

The Foundation of Baghdad

chapter II|15 pages

The City of Manṣûr

chapter III|17 pages

The City Of ManṢÛr (continued)

chapter IV|10 pages

The Canals of Western Baghdad

chapter V|12 pages

The Kûfah Highroad and The Karkh Suburb

chapter VI|12 pages

The Canals of Karkh

chapter VII|13 pages

The Quarters of The Lower Harbour

chapter VIII|13 pages

The Quarter of the Baṣrah Gate

chapter |14 pages

The ḥarbîyah Quarter

chapter XI|17 pages

The Quarters of the Muḥawwal Gate

chapter XII|15 pages

Barâthâ, Muḥawwal, and the Kâẓimayn

chapter |19 pages

Eastern Baghdad In General

chapter XIV|12 pages


chapter XV|18 pages

The Shammâsîyah Quarter

chapter XVI|14 pages

The MukḲaṣrim Quarter

chapter XVII|11 pages

The Buyid Palaces

chapter XVIII|21 pages

The Palaces Of The Caliphs

chapter XIX|16 pages

The Palace Gates and Adjoining Quarters

chapter XX|11 pages

The Quarters North of the Palaces

chapter XXI|11 pages

The Quarters East and South of the Palaces

chapter XXII|16 pages

Recapitulation And Authorities: Early Period

chapter XXIII|23 pages

Recapitulation and Authorities: Middle Period

chapter XXIV|17 pages

Recapitulation and Authorities: Final Period