Originally published in 1931 this volume is a level-headed account of the Bolshevik Revolution and Bolshevist Russia which covers the whole ground of the Revolution, the early history of Bolshevism and the state of Russia in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Based on two visits by the author to Russia, the book presents a picture in which real problems are set against an historical background, examining life under Bolshevism and examining it as a working system.

part I|77 pages

The Revolution in Outline

chapter I|15 pages

The Autocracy in Decay

chapter II|13 pages

The “February” Revolution

chapter III|14 pages

The “October” Revolution

chapter IV|22 pages

The Civil War

chapter V|11 pages


part II|72 pages

Round the Soviet Union

chapter VI|11 pages

The Incidentals of Travel

chapter VII|10 pages

Life in the Capitals

chapter VIII|18 pages

Glimpses of the Provinces

chapter IX|20 pages

Glimpses of the Provinces

chapter X|11 pages

Glimpses of the Provinces

part III|64 pages

Bolshevism in Action

chapter XI|7 pages

The Communist Dictatorship

chapter XII|13 pages

Government by Propaganda

chapter XIII|13 pages

The Five Year Plan and Production

chapter XV|8 pages

Will Bolshevism Last?

chapter XVI|9 pages

Bolshevism Contra Mundum