This book, originally published in English in 1927 deals with the social state of Russia after eight years of Bolshevist rule and influence up to the end of 1925. Laced with predictions of failure, the book is nonetheless prophetic in many ways. It discusses the limitations in practice of Bolshevist politics and the reality of the Soviet elections of the early 1920s and the growing influence of the Communist Party.

chapter I|61 pages

The Supreme Power of the Proletariate

chapter II|18 pages

The Bolshevists as Social Builders

chapter III|35 pages

The Amazing Industrial Advance

chapter IV|23 pages

State Trading and Nepmen

chapter V|34 pages

The Bolshevists and the Moujiks

chapter VII|37 pages

The Proletariate’s Profit-Sheet

chapter VIII|69 pages

The Third Line of Defence