This title, first published in 1985, contains two of Thomas Ball Barratt’s influential works; In the Days of the Latter Rain and When the Fire Fell and an Outline of My Life. T. B. Barratt was a British-born Norwegian pastor and one of the founding figures of the Pentecostal movement in Europe. He attracted international attention after he held revival meetings in Oslo from 1907, and influenced other European leaders of the Pentecostal movement of the divine origin of the movement. This title will be of interest to students of nineteenth-century religious and social history.

part |217 pages

In the Days of the Latter Rain

chapter |2 pages


chapter I|12 pages

A Call to Pentecost

chapter II|18 pages

A Friendly Talk

with Ministers and Christian Workers

chapter III|38 pages

Tongues of Fire

chapter IV|14 pages

More About the Pentecostal Outpouring

chapter V|4 pages

Pentecost with Tongues

From Heaven, not from Below

chapter VI|8 pages

The Pentecostal Visions of To-day

chapter VII|36 pages

The Gift of Prophecy

chapter IX|8 pages

The Baptism in the Holy Ghost for Children

chapter XI|6 pages

A Spiritual Union of Fire-Baptised Saints

part |2 pages

When the fire fell and an outline of my life

chapter |2 pages


chapter I|6 pages

My Birthplace in Cornwall

chapter II|11 pages

Varaldsøy in Hardanger

chapter III|6 pages

At school in England

chapter VII|22 pages

Christiania City Mission

chapter VIII|7 pages

In America

chapter IX|20 pages

A mighty anointing of the Spirit

chapter X|15 pages

When the Fire Fell

Baptized in the Holy Ghost and Fire.

chapter XI|17 pages

Back again in dear old Norway

chapter XII|14 pages

The tour to India

chapter XIV|13 pages

Pastor Lewi Petrus

chapter XVI|20 pages

We leave Møllergt. 38. Our New Hall