This is a primary text project that combines sustainability development with engineering entrepreneurship and design to present a transdisciplinary approach to modern engineering education. The book is distinguished by extensive descriptions of concepts in sustainability, its principles, and its relevance to environment, economy, and society. It can be read by all engineers regardless of their disciplines as well as by engineering students as they would be future designers of products and systems. This book presents a flexible organization of knowledge in various fields, which allows to be used as a text in a number of courses including for example, engineering entrepreneurship and design, engineering innovation and leadership, and sustainability in engineering design

part One|195 pages

The Sustainability Landscape

chapter Three|60 pages

Technology and sustainability

chapter Four|61 pages

Engineering ethics and public policy

part Two|219 pages

The Creativity Landscape

chapter Five|76 pages

Creativity invention and innovation

chapter Six|58 pages

Engineering leadership

chapter Seven|85 pages

Engineering entrepreneurship

part Three|216 pages

The Design Landscape

chapter Eight|81 pages

Engineering design

chapter Nine|61 pages

Engineering product design and development

chapter Ten|72 pages

Sustainability in engineering design