Strategic Operations Management, 4th Edition, shows how vital it is to have world-class operations management in any organisation. In the past, where organisations tended to be more hierarchical than today, the words, "strategy" and "operations" were almost mutually exclusive. In today's highly competitive environment, though, strategic operations capabilities must be in place for organisations to provide goods and services that meet and exceed customer requirements. Key issues such as cost, speed, quality, flexibility and constant innovation are all part of strategic operations. However, achieving such capabilities does not come by chance - instead a range of factors need to be put in place.

This new edition pays equal attention to manufacturing and service sectors. It includes numerous references to, and discusses, major changes taking place in the business world, including 3-D printing; virtual organisations; Cloud – Big Data and the Internet of Things; Servitization, global markets, ongoing innovation and managing within complex supply networks. Cases are included from a range of settings across the globe.

Students taking MBA, MSc and MBM classes on operations management, advanced operations management, and strategic operations management will find this textbook fulfills all their requirements whilst advanced undergraduate classes in these areas will also find the book an essential read.

part 1|99 pages

Setting the Scene

chapter 1|39 pages

Introduction to Operations Management

chapter 2|57 pages

Strategic Operations Management

part 2|187 pages

The Big Picture of Strategic Operations

chapter 3|46 pages

Managing Service Operations

chapter 4|40 pages


chapter 5|51 pages

Supply Management

chapter 6|47 pages

Managing Inventory, MRP, ERP and JIT

part 3|215 pages

Managing Strategic Operations within Organizations

chapter 7|50 pages

Managing the Transformation Process

chapter 10|35 pages

Capacity and Scheduling Management

chapter 11|41 pages


part 4|24 pages

The Future

chapter 12|22 pages

The Future of Operations Management