In this original and compelling book, Mary Chamberlain explores the nature and meaning of migration for Barbadians who migrated to Britain and elsewhere. It is a unique oral and social history, based on life-story interviews across three or more generations of Barbadian families. Locating migration within the contemporary debate on modernity, Narratives of Exile and Return highlights the continuing role of migration in shaping the culture and history of Barbados. But it does more by providing post-modern theorizing with concrete national and ethnic settings.

part |133 pages

Part One

chapter |14 pages


chapter 1|16 pages

Migration and Modernity

chapter 3|19 pages

Family Narratives and Migration Dynamics

chapter 4|21 pages

Narratives of Exile and Return

chapter 5|22 pages

Gender and the Narratives of Migration

part |89 pages

Part Two

chapter |4 pages


chapter 7|15 pages

Family One

chapter 8|11 pages

Family Two

chapter 9|11 pages

Family Three

chapter 10|21 pages

Family Four

chapter 11|26 pages

Family Five