Professional practice courses often suffer from a boring reputation, but there’s nothing dull about this updated, cornerstone edition of Professional Practice 101, which renders accessible the art and science of contemporary architectural practice. With its unique focus on links between design thinking and practice, this third edition brings an inspiring and fresh perspective to the myriad issues involved in successful architectural practice. The process of providing architectural services in today’s constantly evolving practice environment must be just as creative, intellectually rigorous, and compelling as wrestling with design problems.

In this new edition, packed with invaluable advice from leading experts, Andrew Pressman bridges the knowledge and experience gap between school and practice covering topics such as:

  • Ethics, social responsibilities, and obligations to the environment
  • Design firm types, culture, and leadership
  • Financial, project, and time management
  • Service and project delivery; leveraging emerging technologies
  • Entrepreneurial business models and business development
  • Legal issues, including AIA contract document analysis
  • Collaboration and negotiating with clients and stakeholders
  • Practice-based research

Students and early-career professionals will discover the fundamentals they need to launch their careers as well as more sophisticated strategies that will allow them to thrive as their roles evolve and they assume increasing responsibilities.

This engaging, comprehensive primer debunks the myth that recent architecture graduates have little or no guidance to prepare them for business. Professional Practice 101 is a learning tool that will readily deliver the knowledge and background for success in current architectural practice.

chapter 1|29 pages

Architecture: One of the Great Professions

chapter 2|40 pages

Ethics and Social Responsibilities

chapter 3|72 pages

Design Firms

chapter 4|74 pages

Management: Financial, Project, and Time

chapter 5|21 pages

Project Delivery Strategies

chapter 6|24 pages

Business Development

chapter 7|51 pages

Legal Issues