This book explores, through a children’s rights-based perspective, the emergence of a safeguarding dystopia in child online protection that has emerged from a tension between an over-reliance in technical solutions and a lack of understanding around code and algorithm capabilities. The text argues that a safeguarding dystopia results in docile children, rather than safe ones, and that we should stop seeing technology as the sole solution to online safeguarding.

The reader will, through reading this book, gain a deeper understanding of the current policy arena in online safeguarding, what causes children to beocme upset online, and the doomed nature of safeguarding solutions. The book also features a detailed analysis of issues surrounding content filtering, access monitoring, surveillance, image recognition, and tracking.

This book is aimed at legal practitioners, law students, and those interested in child safeguarding and technology.

chapter 1|16 pages

Doing more to safeguard children online

chapter 2|11 pages

The role of online technology in young people’s lives

Activities and concerns

chapter 4|16 pages

Further progress in technological intervention

Knowing everything, always

chapter 6|10 pages

Safety at the expense of liberty?