Grants and fellowships are increasingly essential to an academic career, and competition over federal and foundation funding is fiercer than ever. Yet there has hitherto been little training available for this genre of writing.

Funding Your Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences demystifies the process of writing winning grant proposals in the humanities and social sciences. Offering practical guidance, step-by-step instructions, and examples of successful proposals, Walker and Unruh outline the best practices to crack the proposal writing code. They reveal the most common peeves of proposal reviewers, and offer advice on how to avoid frequent problem areas in conceptualizing and crafting a research proposal in the humanities and social sciences. Contributions from agency and foundation program officers offer the perspective from the other side of the proposal submission portal, and new research funding trends, including crowdfunding and public scholarship, are also covered.

This book is essential reading for all those involved in funding applications. Graduate students, research administrators, early career faculty members, and tenured professors alike will gain new and effective strategies to write successful applications.

part I|60 pages

Prelude to a Proposal

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 2|21 pages

Finding Funding

chapter 3|10 pages

Assessing Funding Fit and Feasibility

chapter 4|5 pages

Getting Ready to Write

part II|87 pages

Parts of the Proposal

part III|21 pages

Working With Others

chapter 12|11 pages

Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Research

chapter 13|8 pages

Funding for Public Scholarship

part IV|22 pages

From Failure to Funding

chapter 14|8 pages

Failure or Success

What Next?

chapter 15|7 pages