Originally published in 1997 and now re-issued with some updated material, this chronology lists the major events in the history of the automobile. The automobile cannot be understood without knowing about its pre-history, including technologies such as railroads, carriages and trolley cars. Material on these is included to the extent that they represented preludes to the modern car culture. The volume also includes material about the technology, design and production of cars and their manufacturers. The ancillary fields of oil production and refining and road building are also covered. Focussed mainly, but not exclusively on the USA this chronology discusses the car and its role in social, geographical and political change.


chapter 1|18 pages

Prelude to 1885

chapter 2|19 pages

From Benz to Ford: 1886–1907

chapter 3|29 pages

The Model T Era: 1908–1926

chapter 4|26 pages

Peace and War: 1927–1945

chapter 5|27 pages

The Age of Muscle and Smog: 1946–1964

chapter 6|25 pages

End of the Honeymoon: 1965–1980

chapter 7|22 pages

Revival: 1981–1994