In this new book from popular math consultant and bestselling author Dr. Nicki Newton, you’ll learn how to help students in grades K–2 become more effective and confident problem solvers. Problem solving is a necessary skill for the 21st century but can be overwhelming for both teachers and students alike. Dr. Nicki shows how to make word problems more engaging and fun, starting in the early elementary grades so that students have a strong foundation to build upon.

Topics include:

  • Using games, songs, and poems to make complex mathematical concepts more accessible;
  • Showing students how to reason about, model, and discuss word problems;
  • Implementing problem-solving workshops and workstations to maximize practice time and encourage collaboration;
  • Teaching students to recognize and apply elementary mathematical concepts—including addition, subtraction, part-whole relationships, etc.—in real-life situations;
  • Incorporating different types of assessment to measure student progress and help them get to the next level.

Each chapter offers examples, charts, and tools that you can use immediately. The book also features a set of action plans so you can move forward with confidence and implement the book’s ideas in your own classroom.

part I|23 pages

Introduction to Word Problems

chapter 2|7 pages

Problem Solving in Math Workshop

chapter 3|5 pages

The Basic Framework

part II|104 pages

A Deeper Dive

chapter 4|18 pages

Add To Problems

chapter 5|20 pages

Take From Problems

chapter 6|18 pages

Part-Part-Whole Problems

chapter 7|15 pages

Compare Problems

chapter 8|15 pages

Two-Step Problems and More

chapter 9|14 pages

Problem Solving Across Math Topics

part III|32 pages

Other Word Problems

chapter 10|17 pages

Reasoning about Problems

chapter 11|6 pages

Springboards into Great Word Problem Premises

Math Mentor Texts, Poems, Songs, Shared Experiences and Games

chapter 12|6 pages

Action Plan