Psychology and Work Today, 11th Edition is an exciting update of a well-loved textbook that introduces industrial and organizational psychology, explaining how industrial-organizational psychologists make work and working better.

This accessible and informative text explains how industrial-organizational psychologists help organizations hire the best people by designing tests and interviews that uncover the skills and abilities of applicants, make work better by removing or reducing safety issues and sources of stress so that personnel are motivated and able to perform to their abilities, and work with managers and leaders to be more effective at leading others. This book also describes how industrial-organizational psychologists work with organizations to embrace diversity in the workforce and celebrate the strengths that employees from many backgrounds bring to organizations. In addition, this text includes how psychologists help organizations to design the physical work environment to best suit employees, while other psychologists help organizations to market their products and services to consumers.

This text covers both the essential and traditional industrial-organizational psychology topic areas such as job analysis, employee selection, and work motivation as well as topic areas that are important in workplaces today such as stress and well-being, human factors, and preparing for jobs of the future. The chapter on consumer psychology remains unique to this textbook. This new edition includes coverage of employable skills desired by hiring managers and executives; the ways the highly publicized replicability crisis has affected the science and practice of industrial-organizational psychology; online and mobile employment testing; diversity and inclusion throughout the workplace, including microaggressions; preparing people and organizations for jobs of the future; incivility and harassment at work, including abusive supervision; safety climate and employee health; and advertising on social media and video games.

Including many illustrative examples of industrial-organizational psychology in real-world workplaces, the 11th Edition is thoroughly updated to include the latest theory, research, and practice on each key topic. Each chapter features defined key terms, a chapter outline, a chapter summary, review questions, annotated additional reading, and engaging Newsbreak sections. The book will be of interest to undergraduate students in introduction industrial-organizational psychology or psychology of work behaviour courses.

part I|53 pages

The Practice of Industrial–Organizational Psychology

chapter 1|23 pages

Principles, Practices, and Problems

chapter 2|29 pages

Techniques, Tools, and Tactics

part II|112 pages

The Development of Talent

chapter 3|12 pages

Job Analysis and Job Performance

chapter 4|30 pages

Psychological Employment Testing

chapter 5|14 pages

Employee Selection Systems and Decisions

chapter 6|31 pages

Performance Appraisal

chapter 7|24 pages

Training and Development

part III|71 pages

Organizational Psychology

chapter 8|24 pages


chapter 10|22 pages

The Organization of the Organization

part IV|76 pages

Characteristics of the Workplace

chapter 11|24 pages

Working Conditions

chapter 12|24 pages

Employee Safety and Health Issues

chapter 13|27 pages

Stress in the Workplace

part V|34 pages

Engineering Psychology

chapter 14|33 pages

Engineering Psychology

part VI|31 pages

Consumer Psychology

chapter 15|30 pages

Consumer Psychology