The book analyses every aspect of the ease or otherwise of implementing the FIDIC Yellow Book Conditions of Contract. On a clause-by-clause basis, it highlights important structural features and suggests alternative text to avoid problems with the contract. Written in a user-friendly manner by an expert user of the FIDIC Suite of Contracts, who is a Member of the FIDIC President’s List of Adjudicators, this book will be a vital reference point for contractors, lawyers, engineers, arbitrators and all others concerned with the FIDIC contracts.

chapter 1|49 pages

Clause 1 General Provisions

chapter 2|9 pages

Clause 2 The Employer

chapter 3|18 pages

Clause 3 The Engineer

chapter 4|45 pages

Clause 4 The Contractor

chapter 5|18 pages

Clause 5 Design

chapter 6|11 pages

Clause 6 Staff and Labour

chapter 7|11 pages

Clause 7 Plant, Materials and Workmanship

chapter 9|10 pages

Clause 9 Tests on Completion

chapter 10|9 pages

Clause 10 Employer’s Taking Over

chapter 11|16 pages

Clause 11 Defects After Taking Over

chapter 12|7 pages

Clause 12 Tests after Completion

chapter 13|19 pages

Clause 13 Variations and Adjustments

chapter 14|34 pages

Clause 14 Contract Price and Payment

chapter 15|12 pages

Clause 15 Termination by Employer

chapter 17|10 pages

Clause 17 Care of the Works and Indemnities

chapter 18|8 pages

Clause 18 Exceptional Events

chapter 19|11 pages

Clause 19 Insurance

chapter 21|19 pages

Clause 21 Disputes and Arbitration