This highly successful title offers an opportunity for professionals from all backgrounds to develop an understanding of assertiveness, which has been shown to be therapeutically advantageous for all kinds of client groups and can be useful in many contexts. It is a highly practical working manual from which you can apply the principles of assertiveness, both to yourself and to your clients.

chapter 1|2 pages

Introduction to Assertiveness

chapter 2|4 pages

Behaviour Types

chapter 3|4 pages

Being Assertive

chapter 4|6 pages

Our Right to be Assertive

chapter 5|5 pages

Owning our Feelings

chapter 6|7 pages

Refusing and Requesting

chapter 7|3 pages


chapter 8|7 pages

Criticism and Conflict

chapter 9|5 pages


chapter 10|5 pages

The Assertive Option

chapter 11|13 pages

Clinical Application