Mobile Disruptions in the Middle East identifies trends in mobile media use in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and, more broadly, explores their impact on the nature of digital journalism. Mobility has long been an important aspect of life in the Middle East; therefore a study of this region presents a unique opportunity to examine the role of mobile media and its future directions.

Basing its analysis on original research, including multiyear surveys and case studies, the book reveals patterns of audience engagement with mobile media in the Gulf area, with particular emphasis on online journalism. The research also illustrates how and to what extent media organizations are developing and delivering content uniquely designed for mobile media and consumption. Drawing on these findings, the authors look at possible developments in mobile media content strategies, including those for news content, as wearable and other emerging media forms enter the marketplace.

Mobile Disruptions in the Middle East provides an important insight into a region that is both globally active and mobile-first, yet whose use of digital media is historically under-researched. As a result, the book helps to advance understanding of consumer preference for content types on mobile media, especially in relation to the transformation of journalism.

chapter 1|9 pages

Mobility, media and Qatar

chapter 2|13 pages

Innovation and media disruption

chapter 3|12 pages

Mobile media

chapter 4|26 pages

Mobile media in Qatar and the Gulf

chapter 5|21 pages

Public engagement

chapter 6|12 pages

Media adaptation in the Gulf

chapter 7|5 pages

Concluding reflections

Trends in the next generation of journalism and media