Using critical race theory and whiteness studies as theoretical frameworks, this book traces two Latina bilingual education teachers in three different professional phases: as paraprofessionals, teacher candidates, and certified teachers. Grounded in a longitudinal case study, this book sheds light on the effects of institutional racism when Latina/o educational professionals attempt inclusion in white dominant organizations, such as schools. Revealing and analyzing the structural racism present in schools and the obstacles it creates for professionals of color, the author exposes the racist practices that are hidden from view and offer practical solutions to combat them.

chapter 1|24 pages


Latina/o Teacher Career Pathway

chapter 3|34 pages

Becoming Teachers of Color

chapter 4|47 pages

Teaching at Public Schools

Workplace Environment

chapter 5|31 pages

Teaching With Warmth and Demands

chapter 6|13 pages


Latina/o Teachers Advancing in the Profession