Research shows that the stress points in children's daily lives are on the increase and can have a negative impact on their ability to learn, relate to others and to themselves. This practical resource: explains and demystifies relaxation, meditation and visualisation; provides an educational rationale backed up by case study material that shows the benefits of helping children to develop 'stillpoints' in order to neutralise stress, develop a stronger sense of 'self' and create 'optimum' learning states; includes a very practical and unique resource for use in the classroom or home. Based on sound educational, yogic and psychological philosophies, each of the 7 tracks has a specific theme and is only 5 minutes long: Track 1: Relaxation - 5/6 minutes (sitting in a chair); Track 2: Heart Meditation - 5/6 minutes (sitting in a chair); Track 3: Finding Peacefulness - 5/6 minutes (sitting in a chair); Track 4: Pack Up Your Troubles - 5/6 minutes (sitting in a chair); Track 5: Finding Silence - 5/6 minutes (sitting in a chair); Track 6: The Learning Tree - 5/6 minutes (sitting cross-legged); Track 7: The Learning Tree 2 - 5/6 minutes (lying down). The handbook provides the rationale for the 'why' and the downloadable resources provide the guidance and practical application on the 'how'.

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chapter Chapter 1|9 pages

An educational context

chapter Chapter 2|9 pages

Relaxation, meditation and visualisation demystified

chapter Chapter 3|8 pages

Medical and scientific research

chapter Chapter 4|12 pages

Action research in the classroom