European Banking and Financial Law Statutes presents all the key legislation for European banking and financial law in one student-friendly volume. This book is:

up-to-date with the law: based on the official consolidated texts of all relevant European instruments, this book provides a fully current collection of legislation

tailored to course outlines: content has been curated to align with European banking and financial law courses

exam friendly: conforming to regulations, this is an un-annotated text that is suitable for exam use

easy to use: a clear and attractive text design, detailed table of contents and multiple indices provides ease of reference and navigation.

Ideal for course and exam use, as well as for reference, this book is a perfect companion resource for student learning and exam success, which is especially tailored for use in combination with the European Banking and Financial Law textbook.

section A|178 pages

Financial Markets

chapter A.1|41 pages

Primary Market

chapter A.2|136 pages

Secondary market

section B|364 pages

Financial Institutions

chapter B.1|336 pages

Credit Institutions

chapter B.2|27 pages


section C|129 pages

Financial Transactions

chapter C.1|108 pages

Custody and transfer of money and securities

chapter C.2|7 pages


chapter C.3|13 pages

Collateralised finance transactions