A comprehensive and practical resource for all speech and language therapists and students, this book covers all aspects of working with this client group. Written by the author of the hugely successful "Talkabout", each section gives the reader a theoretical background of the subject under discussion, practical suggestions and formats for assessment, a guide to intervention as well as a clear and worked-out example. In addition, the author addresses staff training, group therapy, accessing the criminal justice system and working with a multi-disciplinary team.

chapter |22 pages


chapter 1|23 pages


chapter 2|34 pages

Challenging Behaviour

chapter 3|45 pages

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

chapter 4|34 pages

Profound & Multiple Disabilities

chapter 5|26 pages

Social Skills

chapter 6|29 pages


chapter 7|18 pages

Group Therapy

chapter 8|33 pages

Staff Training