This title was first published in 2000:  Critique and Radical Discourses on Crime develops a unique line of thought in contemporary criminology, re-examining an under-researched dimension of radical discourse. In particular, it focuses attention on the distinguishing feature of radical discourses, their allegiance to various visions of critique. The book reassesses the genres of critique evident in previous forms of radical criminology, formulates a different genre of critique appropriate to the uncertainties of postmodern conditions and, shows how these genres can be articulated to differently conceived radical discourses on crime.

chapter |19 pages

Introduction: What Lies in Wait…

part Part I|63 pages

Radical Criminology and the Twilight of Critical Judgement

part Part II|80 pages

Governmental Critique’s Logos of Crimen

chapter |4 pages

Epilogue: Ambitions and Insinuations