This title was first published in 2001. Analyzing and comparing several growth clusters in nine European cities, this compelling volume examines the critical success factors that determine the economic development of urban regions.

chapter One|3 pages

Introduction and Background

chapter Two|10 pages

Theory and Frame of Analysis

chapter Three|25 pages

The Tourist Cluster of Amsterdam 1

chapter Four|29 pages

The Mechatronics Cluster in Eindhoven

chapter Five|31 pages

The Telecom Cluster in Helsinki

chapter Six|27 pages

The Media Cluster in Leipzig

chapter Seven|33 pages

The Health Cluster in Lyons 1

chapter Eight|28 pages

The Cultural Cluster in Manchester

chapter Nine|23 pages

The Media Cluster in Munich

chapter Ten|19 pages

The Audiovisual Cluster in Rotterdam

chapter Eleven|25 pages

The Health Cluster in Vienna

chapter Twelve|17 pages