Young Children’s Experimental Cookery encourages Early Years practitioners and teachers to take an innovative and creative approach to introducing young children to food and cooking. The book addresses wider issues such as healthy eating and food preparation skills, but also moves beyond the concept of traditional cookery lessons to celebrate food as a creative medium, offering immense scope for multi-sensory exploration and a variety of high quality learning experiences.

Practitioners are encouraged to abandon recipes, take a step back, and afford children the freedom to chop, mix, stir and concoct their own creations, exploring fresh ingredients and experimenting with new tastes and smells along the way. Bridging the gap between food preparation and the development of confidence, imagination and creative-thinking skills, this open-ended approach to cooking sessions will equip children with skills which go far beyond those needed in the kitchen.

Featuring full-colour photographs throughout, as well as detailed case studies and practical tips for various seasons and food groups, this accessible and exciting resource is ideal for practitioners, teachers, parents and budding chefs! Every school and Early Years setting should have at least one copy in their staff room.

chapter 1|2 pages


chapter 2|4 pages

Food, cooking and creative thinking

chapter 3|2 pages

Young children’s experimental cookery

chapter 4|6 pages


chapter 5|3 pages

Fruit – fresh and frozen

chapter 6|3 pages

Herbs and spices

chapter 7|4 pages


chapter 8|3 pages

Food Sessions with the under-threes

chapter 9|5 pages

The role of the adult

chapter 10|2 pages


chapter 11|3 pages

Cultural influences

chapter 12|2 pages

Parents as partners