A comprehensive introduction to the field of philanthropy, Philanthropy and Society challenges the reader to think deeply about the role of philanthropic institutions in shaping and bettering the communities they serve and civil society as a whole.

While all agree that the function of philanthropic organizations is to maximize the impact of grant making, there is little consensus on how to do that. This book focuses on two trends that have emerged: strategic philanthropy and increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in philanthropy. Amidst persistent societal inequities, the proliferation of philanthropy leaves one wondering about the potential of this expanding industry to influence social change as well as include constituents beyond donors and their staff. The book offers several case studies of different types of foundations from around the world that demonstrate several tactics used to develop plans that are both strategic and inclusive.

Upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate students of philanthropy, as well as professionals, will come away from this book with a more nuanced and practical sense of the challenging questions the field of philanthropy faces, and the different ways they can be tackled.

chapter |9 pages


chapter 1|12 pages

The State of Philanthropy

chapter 2|17 pages

Private Foundations

Meyer Memorial Trust

chapter 3|19 pages

Philanthropy in Europe

The LankellyChase Foundation

chapter 4|18 pages

Community Foundations

San Francisco Foundation

chapter 5|18 pages

Global Philanthropy

Conrad Hilton Foundation

chapter 6|17 pages

Family Philanthropy

Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

chapter 7|18 pages

Indigenous African Philanthropy


chapter 8|11 pages

Lessons from Practice

Inclusively Strategic

chapter 9|16 pages


The Nonprofit Sector, Philanthropy, and Society