This title was first published in 2001. Militarism connotes more than unadulterated aggression. It encapsulates a way of life and involves the inculcation of military values as an end in itself. This text examines the factors which have been held to account for the rise of militarism in particular social contexts, using case studies and comparative analysis of this perennial phenomenon.

chapter One|15 pages

War and the Professionals

chapter Three|13 pages

Militarism and Culture: Tribal Society

chapter Four|14 pages

Militarism and Motivation

chapter Five|17 pages

Militarism and Status: The Hundred Years War

chapter Six|15 pages

Militarism and the Territorial Imperative

chapter Seven|13 pages

Militarism: The Economic Factor

chapter Eight|16 pages

Militarism: The Political Necessity Argument

chapter Ten|14 pages

Militarism, Games and Ritual Compulsion

chapter Eleven|13 pages

Militarism as a Religious Imperative

chapter Twelve|14 pages

Militarism as a ‘Test of Manhood’

chapter Thirteen|13 pages

Militarism and the ‘Warrior Death’

chapter |8 pages