From Singapore to Scotland, Canada to the Channel Islands, Namibia to New Zealand and beyond, International English takes you on a fascinating journey through the varieties of English spoken around the world. Comparisons across the varieties provide a comprehensive guide to differences in phonetics, phonology, grammar and vocabulary, making this a useful resource for teachers of English as a foreign language and linguistics students alike. This sixth edition has been thoroughly updated to include the following:

  • new sections on the Death of RP, Estuary English, Multicultural London English, the Dublin accent and Fijian English;
  • updated material on RP phonology, New Zealand English phonology, Australian English lexis, North American English lexis and the Northern Cities Chain Shift;
  • revised and updated references and bibliography.

This textbook comes with free-to-download MP3 files at www.routledge.com/9781138233690, which demonstrate the different varieties featured in the book – ideal for use in class, at home or on the move. International English remains a key and indispensable resource for teachers and students, and is essential reading for anyone studying varieties of English in a global context.

chapter 1|13 pages

Standard English in the world

chapter 4|36 pages

English and North American English

Grammatical, orthographical and lexical differences

chapter 5|15 pages

Scottish and Irish English

chapter 7|7 pages

Lesser-known Englishes

chapter 8|18 pages

Second-language varieties of English