This title was first published in 2002. This book presents a timely study of a neglected British Christian women's movement. Jenny Daggers charts the inception of the movement in the exciting times of the post-sixties decades, amid new currents generated in the British denominational churches, and the wider current of Women's Liberation. Focusing on Christian women's concern with the position of women in the church, this book identifies a core Christian women's theology which affirms a (rehabilitated) 'new Eve in Christ', and so contrasts with a concurrent paradigm shift taking shape in North American feminist theology. Daggers argues that this divergence is primarily due to the effect of the prolonged Church of England women's ordination debate upon the ethos of the British Christian women's movement.

chapter 1|24 pages

Eve and Spiritual Womanhood, 1800–1960

chapter 3|26 pages

Eve and Christian Women’s Consciousness

chapter 4|29 pages

Eve and Christian Women’s Activity

chapter 5|26 pages

Eve and Christian Women’s Theology

chapter |7 pages