This title was first published in 2003. What prevents the human species from finally learning the lessons of social justice and global peace in an unreconciled world? Are Christians better off? Presenting new challenges to moral and religious education, this book clarifies the true image of the biblical God around the topics of justice and reconciliation. Rejuvenating interpretations of the most outstanding traditions of the Old and New Testament, Karl Ernst Nipkow's approach of 'elementarization' - well known in German speaking countries - is introduced for the first time in the English language. Theological perspectives are confronted with data from evolutionary ethics and social psychology, through practice-based examples of the roots of aggression, violence, xenophobia and ethno-centrism. The analysis ends with peace and spirituality in the light of different faiths. This book presents a striking blend of theology, education and the social sciences, to explore central issues in moral and religious education.

part I|2 pages

God’S Humanity

chapter |12 pages

Human Images of God and God’s Humanity

part II|2 pages

Peace Through Justice

part IV|2 pages

Paths to Peace and Human Nature

part V|2 pages

Global Peace and Religions