Offering resources and initiatives on religious and spiritual diversity in higher education, this book describes the conceptual foundations for teaching religious literacy and provides a sample curriculum with a facilitator's guide and assessment tools needed to evaluate its development among students. With a clear understanding of the diversity of religious and spiritual experiences found on college and university campuses, Ennis offers a much-needed framework for facilitating conversations about religion and spirituality in colleges and universities. By working from a comprehensive overview of NYU’s award-winning Faith Zone training program, this book breaks down the methodology and tools required to create religious literacy training curricula at campuses around the world.

chapter 1|5 pages

A Priest and a Rabbi Walk Into a Bar

Now What?

chapter 2|8 pages

Introducing Religious Literacy

chapter 3|7 pages

Measuring Religious Literacy

chapter 4|6 pages

Translating to a Workshop

chapter 5|36 pages

Sample Workshop

chapter 6|9 pages

Workshop Outcomes

chapter 7|5 pages

Bringing Faith Zone to Your Campus