Even in an age accustomed to the rapid commercial exploitation of new inventions, the great and extensive development of mechanical road transport stands out conspicuously. This book, first published in 1925, traces this development and analyses the economics of road transport.

chapter 1|7 pages

The Economics of Road Transport

chapter II|19 pages

Historical Survey

chapter III|10 pages

The Recent Development of Road Transport

chapter IV|13 pages

Road Transport of Goods and Merchandise

chapter VIII|6 pages

The Motor Coach

chapter IX|14 pages

Rural Transport

chapter X|16 pages

City Transport

chapter XL|13 pages

The Motor Bus

chapter XII|20 pages

The Tramway

chapter XIII|9 pages

The Railless Trolley Omnibus

chapter XIV|11 pages

Road Transport Rates and Fares

chapter XV|9 pages

Competition and Monopoly in Road Transport

chapter XVI|13 pages

The Railways and Road Powers

chapter XVII|21 pages

The Road

chapter XVIII|15 pages

Taxation of Road Vehicles