This book provides a framework for addressing the extended treatment needs of adult survivors of child sexual abuse. It is based on a therapeutic intervention model that provides flexibility for therapists to work according to their training and skills set while incorporating practical techniques structured around the needs of survivors. The book begins by providing therapists with crucial information about sex abuse survivors—such as ethical considerations, types of abuse, the stages of abuse, and the effects of the abuse on the child—as well as a method useful in the putting together of an abuse profile which ultimately assists in identifying treatment needs. The second part of the book provides client homework exercises for treatment and covers working with memories; denial; problematic emotions such as guilt, self-blame, and shame; depression and anxiety; sexuality; as well as parents, partners, and more. This accessible yet comprehensive guide will be of utmost use to mental health professionals who work with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

part I|71 pages


chapter 1|30 pages

Child Sexual Abuse

chapter 2|15 pages

Therapeutic Intervention Model

chapter 3|24 pages

Assessing Treatment Needs

part II|172 pages

Implementing the Therapeutic Intervention Model

chapter 5|12 pages

Working with Memories and Denial

chapter 6|13 pages

Working with Stages of Child Sexual Abuse

chapter 8|58 pages

Working with Life Areas Affected

chapter 9|34 pages

Working with Complicated Life Roles

chapter 10|9 pages

Working with Integration and Termination