Essentials of Integrating the Language Arts, Fifth Edition, offers students all the practical tools they need to be effective language arts teachers, supported by the necessary theoretical foundation. Like its predecessors, this edition presents a comprehensive approach to teaching the language arts, balancing direct instruction in the communication arts and integrating the language arts with other content areas such as music, art, mathematics, social studies, and science. It explores the important topics of community and caregiver involvement in education and offers thoughtful coverage of diversity in the schools. Practical teaching ideas are found in every chapter.

The 5th Edition reflects current teaching practices, field knowledge, and research. Significant changes include:

  • A more streamlined approach to allow readers to move quickly from learning chapter concepts and related theory and research to understanding how they are applied in classroom practices, activities, and strategies
  • Discussion of standards, including the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), with the goal of showing readers how they can apply standards in the classroom to help meet their students' needs
  • New teaching activities that support the chapter topics and align with the CCSS
  • An appendix with more than 25 classroom assessment tools
  • Discussion of current, quality children's and young adult literature, including informational texts, supported by an appendix of annotated lists of books by genre

Key Features

  • "In the Classroom" vignettes, describing real teachers implementing language arts strategies and activities with their students
  • "RRP" (Read Research Practice) boxed features, offering ideas for activities and projects
  • "Teaching Activities," which future teachers can use in their own classrooms
  • "Field and Practicum Activities," which readers can use now in field and practicum settings
  • Discussions of technology and websites, to help readers prepare to integrate technology in their own classrooms

chapter 1|24 pages

Introduction to the Language Arts

chapter 2|34 pages

Language Arts Integration for All Students

chapter 5|44 pages


chapter 6|36 pages

The Process of Writing

chapter 7|32 pages

The Tools of Writing

chapter 8|40 pages

Listening and Speaking

chapter 9|38 pages

Integrating the Visual and Performing Arts

chapter |4 pages

A Teacher Resources

chapter |16 pages

B Children’s and Young Adult Literature

chapter C|4 pages

Self-Diagnostic Instrument

chapter |32 pages

D Assessment Devices

chapter |2 pages

E Readers Theater Sample Script