This lab manual is designed to benefit those colleges and universities that offer courses with lab components in physical fitness, exercise physiology, and healthy lifestyles but do not have the facilities and/or budget to allow students to train in high-tech laboratory settings. This long-overdue book-essential for sports and exercise science departments on a budget-provides meaningful lab experiences that don't require sophisticated and expensive equipment.

The labs were written and designed to be self-administered or administered to others. Readers will find the book an essential resource for any career involving physical fitness and performance testing. This book's clear and concise layout makes it an ideal tool both for learning and for practical application in professional settings.

The book includes 31 labs divided into eight units:

Introductory labs

Aerobic fitness

Fatigue thresholds

Muscular strength

Muscular endurance

Muscular power

Body composition and body build


Labs include these features: Background, Terms and Abbreviations, Equipment (and pricing), Procedures, Equations, Sample Calculations, Worksheets, Tables, Extension Activities, and References. The manual also includes a table of units and conversions, a list of equipment and vendors, a Glossary, and an Index.

part 1|20 pages


part 2|40 pages

Aerobic Fitness

part 4|16 pages

Muscular Strength

part 5|9 pages

Muscular Endurance

part 8|12 pages