'Northern Exposures' is an important and thought-provoking book that shows how the labor movement has embraced environmental protection and is beginning to create a new and more sustainable vision for the future. Dave Bennett's knowledge and commitment shine through. He is, by turns, the skeptical philosopher sifting the evidence and the passionate partisan arguing for the rights of the people. It makes for a rich and exhilarating mixture.-Nigel Crisp, Permanent Secretary, U.K. Department of Health, and Chief Executive, National Health Service (2000-2006), Author, Turning the World Upside Down: The Search for Global Health in the 21st Century (Royal Society of Medicine Press, 2010)

part II|28 pages

Prevention versus Control: Early Moves

part III|30 pages

Pollution Prevention in Occupational Health and Environment

part V|14 pages

From Environment to Sustainability

part VI|37 pages

International Regimes in Health, Safety, and Environment