This book is a guide to making and carrying out the psychological decision to kill oneself or, if one so decide, to continue living. It focuses on the decision to commit suicide than on the decision to continue living.

part 1|1 pages


chapter Chapter 1|6 pages

The Aim Of This Book

chapter Chapter 2|4 pages

Who Is David Lester And Why Is He Writing This Book?

part 2|1 pages

Some Points to Ponder

chapter Chapter 4|10 pages

How Do You Want To Die?

chapter Chapter 5|13 pages

Can It Be Rational To Kill Yourself?

chapter Chapter 7|3 pages

Isn’t Suicide Immoral?

chapter Chapter 8|7 pages

Assisted Or Unassisted Suicide?

chapter Chapter 9|2 pages

What About The Law?

chapter Chapter 10|5 pages

If A Loved One Commits Suicide

chapter Chapter 11|4 pages

Preparing For Death: Some Simple Tasks

part 3|1 pages

The Decision to Die

chapter Chapter 13|9 pages

Getting The Family Involved

chapter Chapter 14|7 pages

Planning Your Death Ceremony