Global, interdisciplinary, and engaging, this textbook integrates materials from philosophical and biological origins to the historical development of psychology. Its extensive coverage of women, minorities, and psychologists around the world emphasizes psychology as a global phenomenon while looking at both local and worldwide issues. This perspective highlights the relationship between psychology and the environmental context in which the discipline developed. In tracing psychology from its origins in early civilizations, ancient philosophy, and religions to modern science, technology, and applications, this book integrates overarching psychological principles and ideas that have shaped the global history of psychology, keeping an eye toward the future of psychology. Updated and revised throughout, this new edition also includes a new chapter on clinical psychology.

section I|36 pages

The Present

chapter 1|11 pages

Contemporary Psychology

Global Forces

chapter 2|9 pages


The American Approach

chapter 3|14 pages

Nature of History and Methods of Study

section II|90 pages

Early Philosophical and Biological Foundations of Scientific Psychology

chapter 4|29 pages

Philosophical Foundations of Psychology

chapter 5|21 pages

Biological Foundations of Psychology

chapter 6|18 pages

Phrenology, Mesmerism, and Hypnosis

chapter 7|20 pages


section III|145 pages

Schools of Psychology

chapter 8|15 pages

Voluntarism and Structuralism

chapter 9|35 pages


chapter 10|27 pages


chapter 11|20 pages

Gestalt Psychology

chapter 12|24 pages


chapter 13|22 pages

Beyond Psychoanalysis

Continuing Developments in Psychotherapy

section IV|94 pages

Diversity in Psychology

chapter 14|30 pages

Women in the History of Psychology

chapter 15|15 pages

Ethnic Diversity in American Psychology

chapter 16|23 pages

Psychology in Russia

chapter 17|15 pages

Psychology in China

chapter 18|9 pages

Indigenous Psychologies

Latin America, South Africa, and India-Asia

section V|14 pages

Applied Psychology

chapter 19|12 pages

Clinical Psychology